Asian Soul Kitchen

Asian Soul Kitchen, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
Asian Soul Kitchen food truck.

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Asian Soul Sampler

The sampler, 2 entrees, rice and a side. Starting in the upper right, yakisoba noodles, black thai rice, lollipop chicken (southern fried drumetts) with tamarind glaze and spicy creamy mac and cheese. And it was all really really good!


Frysmith Truck

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Frysmith fry truck for lunch. Had the Sweet Po fries, jidori chicken with a tomatillo-tamarind sauce over fresh cut sweet potato fries, topped with cheese and cashews. This was really good. Nice combination of flavors, little bit of the latin influence with the tomatillo, but a little south east Asia (hopefully my compass is pointing correctly ; )) with the tamarind and cashews. Savory, a little spicy in heat, the tamarind adds that nice citrus, a little tart, undertone and the sweet potato fries balanced it all. Sauce gets soaked up by some of the fries which tasted great. It was quite filling and just really good and satisfying.


The Veggie Grill

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Vegan Barley Soup

Would you believe this is fake chicken? Completely vegan chicken caesar salad and barley soup. The chicken tastes like chicken, its really good. Great texture, crispy and almost buttery.The dressing was nice and garlicy, good and creamy. No anchovies or egg. They also mix in quinoa into the salad itself for extra texture and protein. This is the second time I've had the barley soup, its really good. Full flavor and tofu that looks like beef. Comes with a side of season pita like chips that are pretty tasty. The service is great and the crew is really helpful and friendly.




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Pulled Pork Sandwich

Tried the Gastrobus for lunch. Been wanting to try them out for a while now, but they don't get over to the West side much. They get all of their produce from the Los Feliz farmers market, which is all organic. Had the pulled pork sandwich with pickled onions, lettuce, and a little cilantro that I had to pick off, all on a Cuban roll. Very tasty sandwich. The pork was nice and tender, but not smokey or bbq like. Just good pork. The pickled onions were really great, added a little tanginess without overpowering the sandwich, but preserved some of that onion taste. Great bread as well. Really enjoyed it.


Cheesy Mac Grilled Cheese • Grilled Cheese Truck

Cheesy Mac Grilled Cheese, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Grilled Cheese Truck

Grilled Cheese Truck
Grilled Cheese Truck. One of the newer trucks to hit L.A.
Really enjoyed it, I tried the cheesy mac grilled cheese with bbq pulled pork. Mac and cheese with sharp chedder and bbq pulled pork. Bread was nicely grilled and the portioning was pretty good as well, the pork didn't overwhelm. Damn good grilled cheese! Tried some of their homemade pickles as well, spicy bread and butter style. Can't go wrong with a good grilled cheese.


Casseblanca at Umami

365 2.0/317, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Had intended to check out a relatively new taco bar place, called Candela Taco Bar & Lounge however, they had no hours posted on their website and when we got there, the door was open, lights were on, but there was no one working, at all. There were no customers either, really strange. Will try again some other time. So across the street to Umami we went.

Hadn't gone to Umami in a little while. Tried a new burger, the Casseblanca. Its a lamb and merguez sausage patty with pickled apricots, arugala and a pomegranite aioli. It was pretty good, the sweet tartness of the apricots was really nice against the seasoned lamb. The aioli was really good too. It added its own sweetness to the burger.


Barbie's Q Food Truck

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BBQ Smoked Chicken Sandwich
BBQ smoked chicken sandwich. The chicken was quite good, smokey, but not overpowering. The BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy, but once again, not overpowering. Really like the bread as well.

365 2.0/306
Pulled pork sandwich, carolina style with a mustard vinaigrette and side of potato salad. Pretty tasty, the mustard was spicier then what I was expecting, but still good. Pork itself was a little bit on the drier side, but with the dressing it worked well.


It Really Was Taco Tuesday

Lots of places have taco specials on tuesdays, which are usually called taco tuesdays (I know, big surprise). Some places you get 3 for price of 2 or discounts in general and so on. Its one of the phrases I feel like I've heard for years. Well, yesterday, I had my own version of taco tuesday, tacos for both lunch and dinner and they were all different. Hit Wahoo's for lunch, had a shrimp and spicy blackened fish tacos (both were excellent and tasty), then for dinner, had KogiBBQ truck, 2 spicy pork and a tofu taco (by the way, one taco to many). I must really like tacos.

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Chef on Wheels

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Tried a new food truck, Chef on Wheels. Smoked BBQ, with an island flair. Had the pulled pork with side of sweet potato fries. This was a damn good sandwich, great smokey pork, moist and flavorful, it didn't really need anything else. Fries were good, but the sandwich really filled me up. I will be eating there again. Best part, parks 2 minutes from my work.



Butter Chicken Curry - India Jones Chow Truck

365 2.0/265
Had lunch at India Jones Chow Truck. Tried the Butter Chicken Curry. Wow, this was really good. Nice and creamy, full flavored, and great balance between spices and sweet with a touch of heat. I felt great after eating it as well, happy and full. Yum.

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Dig the name.

Chicken Frankie

Chicken frankie. This was really good. Crispy, thin wrap, great savory blend of spices and herbs, nice balance. Easy eating. Definitely getting it again.



Marked5 - Pork Katsu ***Updated - Spam and Egg

365 2.0/254

Was feeling adventurous (and after being assured by Luis and Tran) had the special, spam and fried egg with lettuce and tomato and a sauce of somekind of soy reduction plus the rice "buns". I was surprised, I really liked it, a lot. I haven't had spam in a really long time. It was like a breakfast sandwich, sorta. The spam was crispy and salty, the egg was fried and broken up, but not completely dry and the sauce made for a nice mix of bringing it all together. There was seaweed as well, but it was only on one portion of the sandwich so I didn't really get in every bite, not till the end for the most part.

365 2.0/231

Pork Katsu, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Tried the Marked5 food truck. Had the pork katsu sandwich. It was really good. I was told that its basically like having a rice bowl in your hands, but sandwich-ish. Quite flavorful, I would order it with slightly less sauce, but thats just me. Pork was nice and a little crunchy and it all stayed together pretty well until half way thru or so, but its pretty easy to eat even though it gets a little messy. I'm hoping to catch them again soon. Could go for another one. The chicken curry looks really good as well. They gave me a little sample.




Where and how to begin. LudoBites is a pop-up restaurant that had been using the Breadbar space in the evenings for the past three months. By the way, Breadbar, best baguettes and croissants in town. Back to dinner...went three times. It was a dining experience like no other. A culinary adventure. The layering of flavors and textures was amazing. Combine that with the talkative atmosphere and the music, which was rap and hip-hop (Eazy E and Jay Z) the last two times we were there just added to this unique dining experience. Not everything was what it appeared to be. Who knew that a cornichon sorbet (which looked like a real cornichon) in chorizo soup with cantaloupe would pair together in such a phenomenal way. The deconstructed fish and chips was great and fun, putting it all together in one bite. Duck fat fried chicken, yah, awesome. Quite literally everything we ate was followed by oohs and ahhs. We just enjoyed ourselves each and every time. What's great about this type of cooking, it makes eating exciting and fun. Its all new. You leave feeling satisfied and happy. Plus, Chef Ludo made it a point to stop by and thank customers and talk for a bit. Can't wait for his next round of LudoBites and hopefully a permanent location.



Mini Pork Rice Bowl, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Mini pork rice bowl at Chabuya. This and the ramen are my faves. Great collection of flavors and textures, simple in a way. Its best when you can bites of all of it together. The mini bowl is a pretty good size in my opinion. Leaves room for a good appetizer and you don't leave feeling stuffed.

365 2.0/240, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Curry croquettes at Chabuya, these are always really good.


Calbi Food Truck

365 2.0/226, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Finally tried another food truck, Calbi. Had the spicy pork taco. Pretty good. Not as a good as Kogi, just different really. Kogi feels like a fusion of Korean and Mexican and gives us something truly new, where as Calbi feels like a Korean version or interpretation of a taco. It wasn't about the kimchi slaw or onions and all that. Simpler, marinated tasty pork with lettuce greens, a little bit of cheese and some crushed peanuts. I also tried the kimchi quesadilla and it was spicy, but good. I did like their food and would definitely eat there again.


More Posts Coming Soon

Just a quick note, I've been way way behind on my blog updates. Lots of stuff coming soon! Ludobites, Animal , L.A. Food trucks and much more. Stay tuned or bookmarked as it were.


Dinner in the Neighborhood

365 2.0/194, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

It was to hot in the apt to cook or even eat so we went out on a walk to find some place in our neighborhood. We went to Cafe Angelino and for our appetizer we had the burrata salad. Creamy, nice light texture of the cheese, fresh basil that was a tad sweet and tomatoes. Olive oil brings it all together. We could only eat half, rest came home. Great for a warm evening.

For dinner we had chicken and ricotta raviolis. Quite tasty and not very heavy. Between this and the buratta salad, we split it all and were full. Plus they gave us some cookies.


lunch, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Part of our lunch at Terroni in West Hollywood. Guiggiolosa salad. Mixed Greens with Cambozola, Grilled Red Peppers, Black Olives, Pinenuts, Honey and Panino con Fettina di Vitello. Really good salad, we always get it. Great combo of tastes and textures. The honey, the cheese...mmmm....we usually go in the afternoons between the lunch and dinner crowd when there is hardly anyone there. There was a second dish, tagliatelle, that I had planned to take a pic of, but in our hunger we dove right in and I forgot. Its been tough learning a little restraint. This wasn't the first time.


kogi bbq

kogi bbq, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Finally caught the Kogi truck! Plus there was no line. Had a spicy pork taco and a spicy tofu taco. Spicy pork was awesome. Tofu was pretty good, mild. Great flavors. I can see why they're doing so well. I think they will be hitting this location on weekly basis now which is just a short walk for me. Nice.



Dinner at Tender Greens

Dinner at Tender Greens, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Dinner at Tender Greens, had my usual, albacore hot plate with yukon mashed potatoes and baby spinach with goat cheese and hazelnuts. We decided to try the soup special, white corn chowder. It was pretty good, had potatoes in it(mashed day old I think). The rest of the meal was great, they were having a bit of an off night though as far getting everything done at the same time. Doesn't happen very often though.



Scoops at Golden State

Bacon Caramel Ice Cream

After having dinner at Animal we went across the street to Golden State Cafe to get some Scoops ice cream. Bacon caramel. Pretty good. Smokey, and creamy sweet, but the caramel flavor could have been more intense. They always have really interesting flavors.


365 2.0/150

Strawberry lychee ice cream at Golden State Cafe. It was really good. Light and creamy. Just sweet enough, but not to much, great on a warm afternoon.



Flakey Goodness

365 2.0/179, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Breakfast snack from Breadbar. Pain au chocolat/chocolate croissant. I swear they have the best in town. Nice and flakey, light but firm layers, not dense at all and not to sweet either, the chocolate is a semi-sweet dark. I usually come by once a week.



Crunchy Roll

365 2.0/181, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Lunch at Hara Sushi with a co-worker (she had some kind of spicy tuna roll with jalapeƱo on top, I had one it was good). I had the Crunchy Roll, which had crabmeat, avocado, shrimp tempura with eel sauce and some kind of crema sauce. The lunch came with edamame, a bowl of miso soup plus there was a small scoop of ice cream for desert. We were both to full to have any. Place was a really good deal, $7. Service wasn't to bad for a busy lunch day. I would go again.



365 2.0/180, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

O o oh chicken...spotted the "O face guy" from the movie Office Space while at lunch at California Chicken Cafe, Santa Monica. I know he's done plenty of other roles, but that seems to be the only way I think of him. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. Love that movie. Anyways, makes for a more interesting lunch day. OK back to the food.

Had the roasted 1/4 chicken white with a side of mashed butternut squash and some pita. Simple, good food. The butternut squash for example, its steamed and mashed, thats it. I barely add and any salt and pepper if at all. I really like CCC because of the simplicity and its pretty healthy. Prices are great for lunch, service is always good. Can be crowded at times though.



365 2.0/174, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Lunch at the Greek Kebab, same little plaza as Good Stuff and Quizno's. Had the chicken souvlaki, rice, salad and some pita. Kinda like Greek fast food. I've eaten here a few times, service isn't the friendliest, at least from the order taker, the cooks are always nice though. The food itself is tasty and good, not great, but satisfying. Prices aren't too bad, daily special with a drink combo is the way to go.

Art & Lunch

365 2.0/177, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Lunch at the Bergamont Cafe at Bergamont Station, it had been awhile. Had the turkey club with a baby greens salad with balsamic dressing. Afterwards, checked out some art at the galleries, because Bergamont Station is a large converted area (train yard I think), where there are a a lot of nice galleries, both middle and high end. Easy way to get inspired, fed and walk off some of the meal. How cool is that? Really made for a nice lunch break. They have daily specials posted on their website menu as well.




365 2.0/134, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

sushi lunch - california roll, edamame and miso soup. I always enjoy my lunch whenever I eat here. Friendly service and good sushi.

fukui sushi - santa monica, ca


Good Stuff

365 2.0/169, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Lunch at Good Stuff. Turkey club, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes with a side of fries. Pretty tasty. The have some vegetarian options as well. Makes for a good lunch spot, there are a few around town. I've only been to the one on Olympic at Bundy. Service is usually pretty quick, good prices and healthy options.



Fried Hominy at Animal Restaurant

365 2.0/171, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Fried hominy with lime, grown up version of corn nuts, but crunchy texture like popcorn shrimp. Very snackable and really good. This was our second time to Animal and service was great, friendly and top notch. We got there right at 6pm when they opened and scored seats at the bar without reservations. The bar seating filled up within 10 minutes.



365 2.0/163, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Shrimp taco and grilled fish taco. The shrimp are pan grilled in this polynesian, garlic, soy sauce that is really great, savory but not to much so you still get the sweetness of the shrimp. The grilled fish are done simply, grilled with some salt and pepper and I think a little olive oil. The rice and beans are really good as well, but if you're watching you're calories, skip them. Wahoo's has great food, they're fast, pretty healthly and at a great price. I eat here almost once a week.


Breakfast for Lunch

365 2.0/166, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

The bigger better breakfast. 2 eggs, hash browns, ham, bacon, sausage (I substituted bacon for the sausage) and toast (or pancakes). The service is usually pretty good, prices are good. Its just a good old diner.



Greek at Swingers Diners

365 2.0/168, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Had the mediterranean platter from Swingers Diner for lunch. Got some pita, hummus, house made falafel and a greek salad. Pretty tasty and filling. Service can be a bit hit and miss though, this was at the Santa Monica location. Its been awhile since I've been to the Beverly Blvd location so I can't compare the two.




365 2.0/101, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Lunch at the Golden State Cafe. I had the grilled Italian sausage with roasted red peppers and carmeralized onions. Plus, some sweet potato wedge fries on the side and they're included (few other choices besides sweet potatoes). Deliciously obscene. Really love this place. Friendly staff, everything is local. They don't have a large menu, but it doesn't need to be. You'll be seeing more posts from here in the future thats for sure. Located in the heart of the Fairfax district, I highly recommend it.



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