Tasty Balls @ Great Balls On Tires

Tried a fairly new truck recently over at the T-Lofts on the west side, Great Balls On Tires or G-BOT for short. Everything is ball based in both food and pun. They cover the range of quality meats and styles like, kobe beef, Korean beef, garam masala chicken, Vietnamese pork and Middle Eastern vegetarian. I've heard that the Incrediball is well incredible. I decided to try the Ballywood Balls for lunch.

Great Balls On Tires

These were really really good. Like lick the plate clean when no one is looking kinda good (come on you know you do). A lot of flavors going on. Made with garam masala chicken, coconut madras curry, over saffron rice, topped with crispy fried onions and both a tomato chutney and cilantro mint aioli on the side. Yah, all that for $5.50. Found it to be very satisfying on many levels. Wonderful rich masala flavors with the sauces and the crispy onions, really excellent. The rice was well done as well and complimented it all nicely. It was just enough to fill me up, yet wanting just a little more.

Balliwood Chicken Balls @Great Balls On Tires

I'm definitely looking forward to trying them again and I could see them becoming a fast favorite. Hope they hit the west side more often. Definitely want to try out the Ball Mi Vietnamese pork balls. There is the Oddball and Guestball menu options for suggestions and guest chefs as well, which is a pretty cool idea.

You can find out more info about them on their website here and follow them on Twitter here.


Flying Pig Revisited

Just a quick post, trying to get caught up. Have several more posts coming.

Hadn't been to the Flying Pig in a little while. Looked like they had updated some of the items on the menu. I went with the Smoked Chicken Taco and the Crunchy Tofu Bun this time. Last time I had the Duck Taco and Pork Taco, both of which I liked.

Flying Pig Truck

The smoked chicken is hickory-smoked chicken thigh with mango slaw, honey-roasted peanuts,
and green curry aioli. Found this to be pretty good, not overly smokey in flavor, nice light pairing of taste and crunchy textures over all. The portions are on the smaller side, but satisfying.
Smoked Chicken Taco @Flying Pig Truck

The Crunchy Tofu Bun is deep-fried, marinated tofu with ‘quick’ kimchi, honey-roasted peanuts, and death sauce on a steamed bao bun. This was pretty tasty, although I should have eaten it first since parts of the tofu went a little soft by the time I got to it. Good amount of heat in the kimchi, not a lot of crunch per se. Didn't really get a sense that there were peanuts in it. Since there was a lot of bun, definitely filled me up.

Crunchy Tofu Bun @Flying Pig Truck

You can find more info about Flying Pig here and you can follow them on Twitter here.


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