Casseblanca at Umami

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Had intended to check out a relatively new taco bar place, called Candela Taco Bar & Lounge however, they had no hours posted on their website and when we got there, the door was open, lights were on, but there was no one working, at all. There were no customers either, really strange. Will try again some other time. So across the street to Umami we went.

Hadn't gone to Umami in a little while. Tried a new burger, the Casseblanca. Its a lamb and merguez sausage patty with pickled apricots, arugala and a pomegranite aioli. It was pretty good, the sweet tartness of the apricots was really nice against the seasoned lamb. The aioli was really good too. It added its own sweetness to the burger.


drollgirl said...

what a funky combo! but i like lamb. i had lamb chops the other night and of course it reminded me of silence of the lambs. :)

Leandro said...

lol. you always have the best comments.


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