kogi bbq

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Finally caught the Kogi truck! Plus there was no line. Had a spicy pork taco and a spicy tofu taco. Spicy pork was awesome. Tofu was pretty good, mild. Great flavors. I can see why they're doing so well. I think they will be hitting this location on weekly basis now which is just a short walk for me. Nice.



Dinner at Tender Greens

Dinner at Tender Greens, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Dinner at Tender Greens, had my usual, albacore hot plate with yukon mashed potatoes and baby spinach with goat cheese and hazelnuts. We decided to try the soup special, white corn chowder. It was pretty good, had potatoes in it(mashed day old I think). The rest of the meal was great, they were having a bit of an off night though as far getting everything done at the same time. Doesn't happen very often though.



Scoops at Golden State

Bacon Caramel Ice Cream

After having dinner at Animal we went across the street to Golden State Cafe to get some Scoops ice cream. Bacon caramel. Pretty good. Smokey, and creamy sweet, but the caramel flavor could have been more intense. They always have really interesting flavors.


365 2.0/150

Strawberry lychee ice cream at Golden State Cafe. It was really good. Light and creamy. Just sweet enough, but not to much, great on a warm afternoon.



Flakey Goodness

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Breakfast snack from Breadbar. Pain au chocolat/chocolate croissant. I swear they have the best in town. Nice and flakey, light but firm layers, not dense at all and not to sweet either, the chocolate is a semi-sweet dark. I usually come by once a week.



Crunchy Roll

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Lunch at Hara Sushi with a co-worker (she had some kind of spicy tuna roll with jalapeƱo on top, I had one it was good). I had the Crunchy Roll, which had crabmeat, avocado, shrimp tempura with eel sauce and some kind of crema sauce. The lunch came with edamame, a bowl of miso soup plus there was a small scoop of ice cream for desert. We were both to full to have any. Place was a really good deal, $7. Service wasn't to bad for a busy lunch day. I would go again.



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O o oh chicken...spotted the "O face guy" from the movie Office Space while at lunch at California Chicken Cafe, Santa Monica. I know he's done plenty of other roles, but that seems to be the only way I think of him. If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. Love that movie. Anyways, makes for a more interesting lunch day. OK back to the food.

Had the roasted 1/4 chicken white with a side of mashed butternut squash and some pita. Simple, good food. The butternut squash for example, its steamed and mashed, thats it. I barely add and any salt and pepper if at all. I really like CCC because of the simplicity and its pretty healthy. Prices are great for lunch, service is always good. Can be crowded at times though.



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Lunch at the Greek Kebab, same little plaza as Good Stuff and Quizno's. Had the chicken souvlaki, rice, salad and some pita. Kinda like Greek fast food. I've eaten here a few times, service isn't the friendliest, at least from the order taker, the cooks are always nice though. The food itself is tasty and good, not great, but satisfying. Prices aren't too bad, daily special with a drink combo is the way to go.

Art & Lunch

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Lunch at the Bergamont Cafe at Bergamont Station, it had been awhile. Had the turkey club with a baby greens salad with balsamic dressing. Afterwards, checked out some art at the galleries, because Bergamont Station is a large converted area (train yard I think), where there are a a lot of nice galleries, both middle and high end. Easy way to get inspired, fed and walk off some of the meal. How cool is that? Really made for a nice lunch break. They have daily specials posted on their website menu as well.




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sushi lunch - california roll, edamame and miso soup. I always enjoy my lunch whenever I eat here. Friendly service and good sushi.

fukui sushi - santa monica, ca


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