Dim Sum Truck

Dim Sum Truck

Tried out Dim Sum Truck on their first lunch visit on the West side at the TLofts the other day, kind of a soft roll out I suppose. I've had limited experience with dim sum in general. Over the years, I've had it here an there and most of the time they weren't that great and yet so many people love them so there has to be something to it right? Nice thing with the food truck scene is being able to try so many different kinds of food that is of actual good quality. Figured this would be a good way to get re-acquainted, especially since I haven't been disappointed by a food truck yet, so odds were that it would be good.

I had twittered them earlier in the day about how late they were going to be sticking around and they let me know pretty quick, which was great since I was taking a late lunch that day.

Shu Mai

When I went to order, I was given a paper menu check list, similar to a sushi menu. They recommended the shu mai (shrimp and pork), you get three with an order, and the hum bow bbq pork bun, you get two to an order. They also gave me a dessert on the house, the sesame ball. By the time I finished ordering, it was already up. The shu mai was really good, this was one of the better ones I've had. I've had others there was too much of the seasoning coming thru, like green onion. Not these, it was on the mild side so you can taste the pork and shrimp, the dipping sauce adds the zing. That dipping sauce was amazing, nice and savory, ginger, soy sauce with a bit of garlic and it had a touch of heat to it. Really makes it.

BBQ Pork Buns
BBQ Pork Bun

The bbq pork buns were good, hadn't had one of those in a number of years either it seems. And I think this was the first time I've had a toasted/baked bun versus the steamed kind. The bread itself was light and sweet, the pork filling was good, mild yet sweet with a little bit of savory coming thru from the pork itself. I think I would prefer having the option of being able to order just one though, very filling to say the least.

Sesame Ball
Sesame Ball

The complementary dessert was interesting and really good (and a nice gesture). Very mild, light, but chewy, with a (I believe) lotus jellied like filling. The smokey crunchiness of the toasted sesame seeds and the texture of the filling was quite good.

Looking forward to trying them out again. You can really create many different combos and everything is very affordable. You can follow them on twitter here or check out their site here.


Funny Thing

Funny thing happened at lunch today. Usually on Thursdays (as of late) I try to hit Kogi on Olympic near the TLofts. Most of the time, since last summer, its been the Verde truck and crew. After a while, I got to know the name of the guy that runs that truck, Mike. So every time I go to order I say "hey Mike, how's it goin?" and he always says "hey Leandro, how are you what can I get for you?". I always thought it was pretty cool to try to get to know the people who's food you enjoy, even if just by name. Well, today, I walk up, we exchange greetings and before I could order or Mike says anything, one of the cooks yells "two pork tacos no onions/cilantro!" followed by lots of laughter, followed by the other cook yelling "605!" The price of 2 tacos and a Diet Coke. Made me laugh and my order was up before I could put my wallet away. I guess they know my order and I think that might make me a regular.


Kabob n'Roll Food Truck

Got try one of the newest trucks to hit L.A., the Kabob n'Roll mediterranean food truck. Even though it was pouring rain they were serving food with a smile. Really nice and friendly crew. They step out to take your order, which I always find pretty cool. Really good food and a good value. Lots of healthy options for meat eaters and vegans.

Kabob n'Roll Food Truck

Kabob n'Roll Food Truck

I tried the mediterranean plate which comes with three kabobs over basmati rice, some pita and hummus, with a side salad with pickled radishes. I got mine with chicken breast and two falafel patties (the falafel equals one kabob), they had run out of the ground chicken, they have a shrimp option that I will probably try next time. Nice and savory chicken, with a little bit of spicy heat. The veggies were very lightly seasoned, which was nice since you could actually taste the vegetable itself. Still firm, but soft enough that they've absorbed some of the flavor. I don't recall having falafel in patty form quite like this. They were good, plenty of crunch and still have that soft warm texture. I was very much full and satisfied when I was done, lots of food for sure. I'm looking forward to trying them again. You can
follow them on twitter here or find their website here.

Kabob n'Roll Food Truck

Mediterranean plate. Chicken kabob, veggies, falafel patties, pita, hummus, rice 
and a side salad with pickled radishes.

Kabob n'Roll Food Truck


Ode to Louks

Ode to Louks, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
For a superbowl sunday snack, made my version of Louks honey feta fries. Used Whole Foods shoe string fries, feta and orange blossom honey. Turned out pretty ok, not quite as good as Louks, but definitely tasty. Now if I could figure out how to make the loukamades with nutella....the shot I took of the real deal a few weeks back is the previous blog post.


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