Gourmet Genie To Go

Recently tried a new food truck for lunch, Gourmet Genie To Go. Everything is Mediterranean style, kabobs, pita wraps and some taco fusions. Also, its all organic and comes from local sources or farmer's markets, which is always a plus in my book. Spent a little time talking with the owner/chef Max. Really nice and friendly guy. I always like it when chefs take a little time to chat with their customers.

Gourmet Genie To Go

Gourmet Genie To Go

I tried three different tacos, chicken, fish and lamb. I quite enjoyed all three of them.

Fish Taco @Gourmet Genie To Go

The fish, which is mahi mahi, was dense and firm in texture, but still flakey. Grilled with sweet onions, topped with pine nuts and instead of white sauce, he used tahini sauce. Nice twist on the classic fish taco. 

Lamb Taco @Gourmet Genie To Go

The lamb was terrific. The lamb was grilled and lightly seasoned with hints of savory and sweet with Italian parsley, red onions some jalapenos and juicy grilled cherry tomatoes. Very satisfying.

Chicken Taco @Gourmet Genie To Go

The chicken taco was really good. Lightly seasoned and grilled and served with a cabbage salad on it, gave it a refreshing crunchy texture. In fact all of the tacos had a nice balance between taste and texture.

Date Rolls @Gourmet Genie To Go  Date Roll Open Gourmet Genie To Go

For dessert I had the date rolls and the birds nest. The date rolls had a thick buttery exterior with a date paste which had a very light sweet taste. The birds nest is similar to baklava with the layers of phyllo dough, but with toasted pistachios on top and a light honey type of glazing to it. Nice textures.

Birds Nest Pastry @Gourmet Genie To Go

I definitely recommend checking the Gourmet Genie out, terrific food, great prices and service. They tend to make the regular stops on the West side, T-Lofts, MTV and 31st and Ocean Park, plus lots of others. You can follow them on Twitter here and check out their website here.




My wife heard about a new French cafe that recently opened near the Trader Joe's in West Hollywood. We had planned an afternoon at the Melrose Trading Post (flea market) which gave us a good excuse to stop by and grab some food to go.


We were greeted by Daniel, a co-founder who was really nice and friendly. We chatted with him while we oohed and awed all the tasty looking Parisian snacks. He offered us some samples of their mousse which was really good as well as this wonderful home made lavender ice cream that had this great blue hue and was very light in taste. There were quite a few other ice cream choices, but we decided to save the ice cream for one of our next visits.

Sweets and Pastries

Ice Cream

We got a ham and cheese croissant and a lemon bar to go. The croissant seemed larger then your standard breakfast size. It was very flakey and buttery with a little bit of chewy pull to it, in others words great. The ham was sweet and a little salty and went really well with the gruyere cheese all warmed lightly. It was really simple and good. Just big enough for us to split. I know I'll be getting this again.

Ham and Cheese Croissant

We saved the lemon bar for later. I think this was one of the best lemon bars I've ever had. Nice, thick and dense lemon filling that was sweet and tangy, but not overly sweet despite the powered sugar on top, which I did like. Also had a thick buttery crust to it that rounded it out. Definitely big enough for two people to split.

Lemon Bar

You can find more info on their site here and follow them on twitter here. I highly recommend checking them out, made for a nice Paris like afternoon. I know we'll be going back.


Breadbar Baguettes

Breadbar baguettes, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
Just a quick post today. I go to Breadbar on West Third just about every weekend for croissants and turnovers and quite often get their ham baguette sandwich to go for later. They have the best baguettes, and croissants, in town. They had just put out this stack of baguettes and had to get a picture. I always get great service from Daria and Edi. Even better, its a short 5 minute walk from home. : D - I highly recommend them.


Forage Restaurant L.A.

Forage Restaurant L.A., originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Forage Restaurant. Nice little space in Silverlake. Everything is fresh and organic. Had the baked chicken with farro salad and grilled bread. The chicken was cooked just right, tender and juicy with a tasty crispy skin. The farro salad was really good as well. They have a menu that stays mostly the same, but with ever changing specials.

Forage, as the name suggests, was encouraging customers to bring in their own grown produce to contribute to their menu. They're very community driven. Apparently it was going so well that the L.A. health dept paid them a visit and told them they could no longer do that out of health and safety concerns, whatever. This link has a recent statement from Forage about the situation and how they're currently dealing with it by giving the produce to charity and food banks and encouraging others to help feed the hungry.

You can follow them twitter here or facebook.


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