Butter Chicken Curry - India Jones Chow Truck

365 2.0/265
Had lunch at India Jones Chow Truck. Tried the Butter Chicken Curry. Wow, this was really good. Nice and creamy, full flavored, and great balance between spices and sweet with a touch of heat. I felt great after eating it as well, happy and full. Yum.

365 2.0/229
Dig the name.

Chicken Frankie

Chicken frankie. This was really good. Crispy, thin wrap, great savory blend of spices and herbs, nice balance. Easy eating. Definitely getting it again.



Marked5 - Pork Katsu ***Updated - Spam and Egg

365 2.0/254

Was feeling adventurous (and after being assured by Luis and Tran) had the special, spam and fried egg with lettuce and tomato and a sauce of somekind of soy reduction plus the rice "buns". I was surprised, I really liked it, a lot. I haven't had spam in a really long time. It was like a breakfast sandwich, sorta. The spam was crispy and salty, the egg was fried and broken up, but not completely dry and the sauce made for a nice mix of bringing it all together. There was seaweed as well, but it was only on one portion of the sandwich so I didn't really get in every bite, not till the end for the most part.

365 2.0/231

Pork Katsu, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Tried the Marked5 food truck. Had the pork katsu sandwich. It was really good. I was told that its basically like having a rice bowl in your hands, but sandwich-ish. Quite flavorful, I would order it with slightly less sauce, but thats just me. Pork was nice and a little crunchy and it all stayed together pretty well until half way thru or so, but its pretty easy to eat even though it gets a little messy. I'm hoping to catch them again soon. Could go for another one. The chicken curry looks really good as well. They gave me a little sample.




Where and how to begin. LudoBites is a pop-up restaurant that had been using the Breadbar space in the evenings for the past three months. By the way, Breadbar, best baguettes and croissants in town. Back to dinner...went three times. It was a dining experience like no other. A culinary adventure. The layering of flavors and textures was amazing. Combine that with the talkative atmosphere and the music, which was rap and hip-hop (Eazy E and Jay Z) the last two times we were there just added to this unique dining experience. Not everything was what it appeared to be. Who knew that a cornichon sorbet (which looked like a real cornichon) in chorizo soup with cantaloupe would pair together in such a phenomenal way. The deconstructed fish and chips was great and fun, putting it all together in one bite. Duck fat fried chicken, yah, awesome. Quite literally everything we ate was followed by oohs and ahhs. We just enjoyed ourselves each and every time. What's great about this type of cooking, it makes eating exciting and fun. Its all new. You leave feeling satisfied and happy. Plus, Chef Ludo made it a point to stop by and thank customers and talk for a bit. Can't wait for his next round of LudoBites and hopefully a permanent location.



Mini Pork Rice Bowl, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Mini pork rice bowl at Chabuya. This and the ramen are my faves. Great collection of flavors and textures, simple in a way. Its best when you can bites of all of it together. The mini bowl is a pretty good size in my opinion. Leaves room for a good appetizer and you don't leave feeling stuffed.

365 2.0/240, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Curry croquettes at Chabuya, these are always really good.


Calbi Food Truck

365 2.0/226, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Finally tried another food truck, Calbi. Had the spicy pork taco. Pretty good. Not as a good as Kogi, just different really. Kogi feels like a fusion of Korean and Mexican and gives us something truly new, where as Calbi feels like a Korean version or interpretation of a taco. It wasn't about the kimchi slaw or onions and all that. Simpler, marinated tasty pork with lettuce greens, a little bit of cheese and some crushed peanuts. I also tried the kimchi quesadilla and it was spicy, but good. I did like their food and would definitely eat there again.


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