Barbie's Q Food Truck

365 2.0/299

BBQ Smoked Chicken Sandwich
BBQ smoked chicken sandwich. The chicken was quite good, smokey, but not overpowering. The BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy, but once again, not overpowering. Really like the bread as well.

365 2.0/306
Pulled pork sandwich, carolina style with a mustard vinaigrette and side of potato salad. Pretty tasty, the mustard was spicier then what I was expecting, but still good. Pork itself was a little bit on the drier side, but with the dressing it worked well.


drollgirl said...

good LORD i'd like that sandwich! YUM!!!! and the spicier the mustard, the better!!!

Eleonora said...

OK thanks for the chipped tooth.
(I tried biting the monitor)

Lola xx


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