Marked5 - Pork Katsu ***Updated - Spam and Egg

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Was feeling adventurous (and after being assured by Luis and Tran) had the special, spam and fried egg with lettuce and tomato and a sauce of somekind of soy reduction plus the rice "buns". I was surprised, I really liked it, a lot. I haven't had spam in a really long time. It was like a breakfast sandwich, sorta. The spam was crispy and salty, the egg was fried and broken up, but not completely dry and the sauce made for a nice mix of bringing it all together. There was seaweed as well, but it was only on one portion of the sandwich so I didn't really get in every bite, not till the end for the most part.

365 2.0/231

Pork Katsu, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Tried the Marked5 food truck. Had the pork katsu sandwich. It was really good. I was told that its basically like having a rice bowl in your hands, but sandwich-ish. Quite flavorful, I would order it with slightly less sauce, but thats just me. Pork was nice and a little crunchy and it all stayed together pretty well until half way thru or so, but its pretty easy to eat even though it gets a little messy. I'm hoping to catch them again soon. Could go for another one. The chicken curry looks really good as well. They gave me a little sample.


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the real mia said...

This idea of Korean Mexican fusion is intriguing. It makes me wish that I lived in a place where people had more adventurous pallets.


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