Lobster Roll Goodness

A new lobster food truck rolled out this year, Cousin's Main Lobster, fresh from Maine. While I've only had one opportunity to try them, it was pretty damn good. They offer traditional chilled with mayo (Maine style) and warm with butter and a touch of lemon (Connecticut style). I always go for butter only when it comes to lobster. Presented in an authentic New England toasted roll, filled with lobster claw meat, butter and a slightly savory seasoning. Quite tasty. They have quite a few other items on the menu like bisque, tacos and crab rolls to name a few. Plus they just opened a brick and mortar in Pasadena.

Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

Lobster Roll w/Butter

You can find more info about Cousin's Maine Lobster here on their site and you can follow them on Twitter here


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