Asian Soul Kitchen

Asian Soul Kitchen, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
Asian Soul Kitchen food truck.

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Asian Soul Sampler

The sampler, 2 entrees, rice and a side. Starting in the upper right, yakisoba noodles, black thai rice, lollipop chicken (southern fried drumetts) with tamarind glaze and spicy creamy mac and cheese. And it was all really really good!


Frysmith Truck

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Frysmith fry truck for lunch. Had the Sweet Po fries, jidori chicken with a tomatillo-tamarind sauce over fresh cut sweet potato fries, topped with cheese and cashews. This was really good. Nice combination of flavors, little bit of the latin influence with the tomatillo, but a little south east Asia (hopefully my compass is pointing correctly ; )) with the tamarind and cashews. Savory, a little spicy in heat, the tamarind adds that nice citrus, a little tart, undertone and the sweet potato fries balanced it all. Sauce gets soaked up by some of the fries which tasted great. It was quite filling and just really good and satisfying.


The Veggie Grill

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Vegan Barley Soup

Would you believe this is fake chicken? Completely vegan chicken caesar salad and barley soup. The chicken tastes like chicken, its really good. Great texture, crispy and almost buttery.The dressing was nice and garlicy, good and creamy. No anchovies or egg. They also mix in quinoa into the salad itself for extra texture and protein. This is the second time I've had the barley soup, its really good. Full flavor and tofu that looks like beef. Comes with a side of season pita like chips that are pretty tasty. The service is great and the crew is really helpful and friendly.




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Pulled Pork Sandwich

Tried the Gastrobus for lunch. Been wanting to try them out for a while now, but they don't get over to the West side much. They get all of their produce from the Los Feliz farmers market, which is all organic. Had the pulled pork sandwich with pickled onions, lettuce, and a little cilantro that I had to pick off, all on a Cuban roll. Very tasty sandwich. The pork was nice and tender, but not smokey or bbq like. Just good pork. The pickled onions were really great, added a little tanginess without overpowering the sandwich, but preserved some of that onion taste. Great bread as well. Really enjoyed it.


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