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Dinner in the Neighborhood

365 2.0/194, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

It was to hot in the apt to cook or even eat so we went out on a walk to find some place in our neighborhood. We went to Cafe Angelino and for our appetizer we had the burrata salad. Creamy, nice light texture of the cheese, fresh basil that was a tad sweet and tomatoes. Olive oil brings it all together. We could only eat half, rest came home. Great for a warm evening.

For dinner we had chicken and ricotta raviolis. Quite tasty and not very heavy. Between this and the buratta salad, we split it all and were full. Plus they gave us some cookies.


lunch, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Part of our lunch at Terroni in West Hollywood. Guiggiolosa salad. Mixed Greens with Cambozola, Grilled Red Peppers, Black Olives, Pinenuts, Honey and Panino con Fettina di Vitello. Really good salad, we always get it. Great combo of tastes and textures. The honey, the cheese...mmmm....we usually go in the afternoons between the lunch and dinner crowd when there is hardly anyone there. There was a second dish, tagliatelle, that I had planned to take a pic of, but in our hunger we dove right in and I forgot. Its been tough learning a little restraint. This wasn't the first time.


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