kogi bbq

kogi bbq, originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Finally caught the Kogi truck! Plus there was no line. Had a spicy pork taco and a spicy tofu taco. Spicy pork was awesome. Tofu was pretty good, mild. Great flavors. I can see why they're doing so well. I think they will be hitting this location on weekly basis now which is just a short walk for me. Nice.



sMacThoughts said...

Looks Delicious!

Leandro said...

oh they are tasty! thanks for checking it out.

the real mia said...

Your photos and this taco talk is making my mouth water. Yum.

Leandro said...

thanks Mia, they really are good. There are more shots coming, behind on my updates. Thank you for following me now as well!


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