Where and how to begin. LudoBites is a pop-up restaurant that had been using the Breadbar space in the evenings for the past three months. By the way, Breadbar, best baguettes and croissants in town. Back to dinner...went three times. It was a dining experience like no other. A culinary adventure. The layering of flavors and textures was amazing. Combine that with the talkative atmosphere and the music, which was rap and hip-hop (Eazy E and Jay Z) the last two times we were there just added to this unique dining experience. Not everything was what it appeared to be. Who knew that a cornichon sorbet (which looked like a real cornichon) in chorizo soup with cantaloupe would pair together in such a phenomenal way. The deconstructed fish and chips was great and fun, putting it all together in one bite. Duck fat fried chicken, yah, awesome. Quite literally everything we ate was followed by oohs and ahhs. We just enjoyed ourselves each and every time. What's great about this type of cooking, it makes eating exciting and fun. Its all new. You leave feeling satisfied and happy. Plus, Chef Ludo made it a point to stop by and thank customers and talk for a bit. Can't wait for his next round of LudoBites and hopefully a permanent location.

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