Tasty Meat!

Tasty Meat, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
A little bit late in posting this, been a bit behind the past few weeks.

Tried the Tasty Meat! Food Truck. They do a Turkish twist on the wraps. I had wanted to try the Cuban sandwich, but it was sold out (wasn't the first time either). Appears to be popular. I tried the Chickwich, which is very gyro like. Pita wrapped marinated dark chicken, lettuce, tomato but with feta, tahini and tzatziki sauce. Wound up being a bit sauce heavy for my liking, but that's normal for me. Next time I would ask them to go light on the sauces. Chicken itself was, well, tasty. And it was filling. A little hard to eat due to the sauciness though.

Tasty Meat - Chicwich

They had said they were going to be getting a new wrap design for the truck, not sure if thats
happened yet.

Will definitely try them again, really want to try that Cuban sandwich.

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