Uncle Lau's Island BBQ Food Truck

Uncle Lau's Hawaiian BBQ

Uncle Lau's Hawaiian BBQ

Chef on Wheels got a make over and a new branding, they are now Uncle Lau's Island BBQ.
I hadn't visited his truck in a little while with the surge of new trucks rolling out and the frequency that they are hitting the MTV area for lunch, AKA food truck alley, so I haven't been visiting my favorite trucks nearly as much. All of his food seems to be pretty much the same as before, not much in the way of menu changes, which is good. I usually get the pulled pork, which is really one of the best I've had in L.A. It has a really great moist, mild smoke, with light flavor. Satisfying, never disappointed. I haven't tried much else from him other then a couple of chicken specials, I just like the pulled pork that much. I will try some other things soon. They have a repeat customer punch card now, which is pretty cool. Ten sandwiches, 11th is free. Be nice if more trucks did that. Good and easy incentive. Follow them on twitter here.

Uncle Lau's Hawaiian BBQ

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Jade Graham said...

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