Yum Yum Bowls

Yum Yum Bowls

Tried Yum Yum Bowls the other day. Mostly Thai style foods. I tried the Yellow Curry with chicken. I found it to be ok. The curry itself had some nice flavors going on, but I found the potatoes a bit on the starchy/under cooked side, the carrots were alright and the chicken was tasty, but also kinda rubbery. It struck me as late night delivery food. I'll probably try them again at some point, they had quite a few menu items, well priced and the service was friendly.

Yum Yum Bowls

Yum Yum Bowls - Yellow Curry


drollgirl said...

meh. i don't think i'd try them again. curry dishes should make your sensations SING with happiness! :)

Leandro said...

So very true! Thanks for stopping by!

SinoSoul said...

These craptastic trucks have gotta STOP rolling out. seriously. This is LA. Everyone knows where to get good curry.


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