Flying Pig

Flying Pig

Still getting caught up on my posts. Going up later then planned.

After many months, finally tried the Flying Pig food truck. No line (love it when I can time it right) and the service was fast and friendly. Had the tamarind duck taco and spicy pork taco. I really liked them both. The duck taco was quite good, it was more shredded in texture. Had the tangerines, pickled beets and daikon sprouts. A lot going on, but nothing overwhelmed or overpowered anything else. Nice flavor balance between the pickled crunch of the beets, tangy/citrus of the mandarin oranges with tamarind duck. One of the more unique taco offerings as far as food trucks go.

Flying Pig - Duck Taco

The pork taco had a little heat to it, but with a richer flavor. It had shaved green papaya on it, I believe they said it had an adobo sauce on it as well. I got mine without the cilantro cream sauce, just not a fan of cilantro. That whole soap taste thing. I think this was a good example of less is more. Only a few ingredients in the taco itself, it didn't really need anything else.

Flying Pig - Spicy Pork Taco

Flying Pig

I look forward to trying them again. I know I'll be getting both of these tacos again and definitely want to try the pork belly buns next time. Yummy oinky (and quacky) goodness.
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SinoSoul said...

great pix using LX3's kickass wide lens. still not convinced by this place. And they're opening _3_ restaurants? can I get a lolz?

Leandro said...

Thanks! Really like the LX3. I'm curious about the restaurants, although a bit surprised that they are opening 3. I knew that a brick and mortar version was part of the plan all along. Considering the quality of their truck offerings, I'm betting its going to be good.


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