Funny Thing

Funny thing happened at lunch today. Usually on Thursdays (as of late) I try to hit Kogi on Olympic near the TLofts. Most of the time, since last summer, its been the Verde truck and crew. After a while, I got to know the name of the guy that runs that truck, Mike. So every time I go to order I say "hey Mike, how's it goin?" and he always says "hey Leandro, how are you what can I get for you?". I always thought it was pretty cool to try to get to know the people who's food you enjoy, even if just by name. Well, today, I walk up, we exchange greetings and before I could order or Mike says anything, one of the cooks yells "two pork tacos no onions/cilantro!" followed by lots of laughter, followed by the other cook yelling "605!" The price of 2 tacos and a Diet Coke. Made me laugh and my order was up before I could put my wallet away. I guess they know my order and I think that might make me a regular.

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