The Shrimp Guys

The Shrimp Guys, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
The Shrimp Guys food truck, or trailer, well its towed by a regular truck. Anyways, heard some good things about their shrimp and had a chance to try them out. I ordered the 5 piece garlic and butter shrimp with a scoop of rice for 5 bucks, they have a 8 piece with 3 scoops of rice for 8 I think, pretty good value either way. Their was no shortage of garlic or butter, really tasty. Although you really need to eat them fast, shrimp does not hold heat for long. I enjoyed it though, service was friendly and fast and I would definitely hit them up again. They had a coconut lime dish that I know I'll be trying next time. Follow them on twitter here and check out their web site here.
Garlic Butter Shrimp @The Shrimp Guys


eastsidefoodbites said...

I can't find your contact info. Can you post it?

Leandro said...

Check my profile. Didn't realize it was turned off, its on now.


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