Crepe'n Around

Crepe'n Around, originally uploaded by LeandroF.
Been a big fan of crepes for many years, goes back to getting married and spending 2 weeks in Paris. Getting a tasty crêpe de jambon et de fromage from one of the many street vendors quickly became a favorite of mine. The Crepe'n Around truck is helping fill that need. I've eaten at their truck twice now and both times were great.
Crepe'n Around Maple Braised Pork Crepe
The first one I tried was the Maple Braised Pork. Wow, oh wow was this good. It was quite literally a full course meal wrapped in that crepe. The pork is maple braised with apple chutney, toasted walnuts, and mixed greens with a honey-dijon sauce. Very satisfying and a wonderful balance of flavor and textures. 
Crepe'n Around Ham and Brie Crepe
The second visit I had the ham and brie crepe. This was an updated version of the traditional ham and cheese crepe. This one had brie with caramelized onions and whole grain mustard. Another nice combo of sweet and savory. I really liked the addition of the grain mustard and the onions were just right. Really enjoyed it. Need to try a sweet crepe next time.

Both times the service was great and friendly (and fast too). I'm finding myself craving their crepes now. I highly recommend checking them out. Check out their web site here and you can follow them on twitter here.


stuffycheaks said...

wow, that maple braised pork looks great. Can't wait to try this!

Diana said...

I fell in love with savory crepes after sampling some at the farmers market in DC. They had the most amazing egg crepes! Will definitely have to track this truck down.

drollgirl said...

i've never had a crepe, and i am for sure wanting one now!!!


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