My wife heard about a new French cafe that recently opened near the Trader Joe's in West Hollywood. We had planned an afternoon at the Melrose Trading Post (flea market) which gave us a good excuse to stop by and grab some food to go.


We were greeted by Daniel, a co-founder who was really nice and friendly. We chatted with him while we oohed and awed all the tasty looking Parisian snacks. He offered us some samples of their mousse which was really good as well as this wonderful home made lavender ice cream that had this great blue hue and was very light in taste. There were quite a few other ice cream choices, but we decided to save the ice cream for one of our next visits.

Sweets and Pastries

Ice Cream

We got a ham and cheese croissant and a lemon bar to go. The croissant seemed larger then your standard breakfast size. It was very flakey and buttery with a little bit of chewy pull to it, in others words great. The ham was sweet and a little salty and went really well with the gruyere cheese all warmed lightly. It was really simple and good. Just big enough for us to split. I know I'll be getting this again.

Ham and Cheese Croissant

We saved the lemon bar for later. I think this was one of the best lemon bars I've ever had. Nice, thick and dense lemon filling that was sweet and tangy, but not overly sweet despite the powered sugar on top, which I did like. Also had a thick buttery crust to it that rounded it out. Definitely big enough for two people to split.

Lemon Bar

You can find more info on their site here and follow them on twitter here. I highly recommend checking them out, made for a nice Paris like afternoon. I know we'll be going back.


Diana said...

While I am very partial to the lemon bar at Joan's on Third, I may have to stray and try Plasir's! Everything looks amazing!

Leandro said...

Thanks Diana. I haven't been to Joan's for a while. Will have to stop by again soon.

SinoSoul said...

this place looks ridiculously awesome. I see a tarte tatin in the case which means I have to visit. Glad you didn't fall for the cupcakes...


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