Forage Restaurant L.A.

Forage Restaurant L.A., originally uploaded by LeandroF.

Forage Restaurant. Nice little space in Silverlake. Everything is fresh and organic. Had the baked chicken with farro salad and grilled bread. The chicken was cooked just right, tender and juicy with a tasty crispy skin. The farro salad was really good as well. They have a menu that stays mostly the same, but with ever changing specials.

Forage, as the name suggests, was encouraging customers to bring in their own grown produce to contribute to their menu. They're very community driven. Apparently it was going so well that the L.A. health dept paid them a visit and told them they could no longer do that out of health and safety concerns, whatever. This link has a recent statement from Forage about the situation and how they're currently dealing with it by giving the produce to charity and food banks and encouraging others to help feed the hungry.

You can follow them twitter here or facebook.

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