Lomo Arigato Food Truck

Lomo Arigato Peruvian-Japanese food truck. 
365 2.0/293

365 2.0/321
Somehow managed to never post anything about Lomo Arigato, now that I've eaten from his truck 3 times, I'd say now was as good a time as any.
Lomo Saltado
On my first visit to them, I tried the Lomo Saltado, which is basically a stir fry of chicken (choice of tri-tip, chicken or tofu), onions, peppers (also cilantro, but I order it without) and french fries in a soy, pepper, wine sauce with a side of rice. Pretty tasty and savory although I felt the portion was a bit small (it was the first week). Hoping to see a bit more on the menu, definitely intrigued. The crew was really friendly and the food was definitely well prepared.
Tallarin Saltado
Tried the tallarin saltado again (pronounced tai-yarin (I think), I was told the two l's become a Y) and it was really good, again. That nice savory soy/wine sauce and the pan seared goodness is quite good. I still need to try the rice dish, but so far I like the tallarin the best. Something about the pasta and that sauce makes it very satisfying, it comes with a jalepeno cream sauce on the side, which really gives it a kick. Its similar to the lomo saltado, (the chicken, onion, tomato stir fry part) but with pasta instead of the fries and rice. Seems like each time I eat here, it just gets better and tastier. The portion was huge this time as well. The owner/crew are really nice and friendly, plus its fun to watch them make it. Flaming woks! Good experience every time. One of the things I've really grown to like about all the food trucks in general is the great attitude they always seem to have. Sounds like they'll be hitting Santa Monica soon as well. 
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