Lobsta Truck

Lobster + food truck = LobstaTruck. One of the latest gourmet style food trucks to roll out recently. Based on the crowds it looks like they are turning out to be a pretty popular truck, I mean it is lobster after all. I know they get their lobster flown in, just not sure from where, it's definitely fresh though. They have a simple menu, lobster rolls with butter or with mayo, crab rolls, chowder and a few sweets. The lobster roll is fairly straightforward, cooked lobster bathed in butter (mayo, just not my thing ever) on a lightly grilled/toasted roll. That's it. Its quite good and satisfying with sweet and succulent meat and the roll is quite tasty as well. I've had them twice now, both times, equally great. Since its seafood, you don't feel heavy after eating which is nice, but I did find myself getting hungry again sooner then later though. For the price, $11 or $9 for crab, its not something I can justify to eat at to often (is once a week to often?), makes for a nice indulgence though. My only real grumble is that it seemed to take a while to get my food, first time they were swamped, so I attributed it to that, but the second time there was no line and it still took a while. Maybe they steam/boil and cook to order? I'll have to ask next time, and yes there will be several next times. If you love the lobster, this is definitely a tasty way to get your fix and it's worth the wait.

Lobsta Truck

You can find out more info about them on their site here or follow them on Twitter here.

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