India Jones

Just a quick post today. I had somehow managed to not eat at India Jones Chow Truck over the past few months considering Chef Sumat has got some of the best curry in town, and absolutely the best on wheels. End of last year thru the beginning of this year I was hitting him up almost once a week for awhile there. Its that tasty.

India Jones Chow Truck

On this particular day I tried one of his specials, Goa Pork Curry. This was incredibly good with wonderful spices and enough heat to make the back of my neck sweat. Really tender pork and just all around satisfying and filling. Something about his curries just leave me feeling great afterwards, must have something to with the combination of spices/heat. A definite must goto of the ever expanding L.A. food truck nation. Web site info here.

India Jones Chow Truck

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Diana said...

I've only tried a couple things from India Jones, but I was really really impressed with it. Probably the only truck I'd actually chase! Though I do hear great things about the Dim Sum and Flying Pig trucks too!


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