Crepes Bonaparte

Caught up with one of the other crepe trucks recently. Crepes Bonaparte. They definitely have a theme of sorts. The girls working the truck all had little hats and scarves and such. Its cute. The way the truck is set up, you can watch them make your crepe which is kinda cool. I decided that I wanted to try a simpler crepe, and went with the Plain Jane, ham and cheese with egg. I didn't specify the doneness of the egg, I assumed it was a light scramble of sorts, don't know why. Well, it was more like an over easy egg, which I do happen to like, just wasn't expecting it in a crepe like that.

Crepes Bonaparte Food Truck

Crepes Bonaparte Food Truck

Ham and Cheese with Egg Crepe @Crepes Bonaparte Food Truck

Over all, I enjoyed it. It was a good size and filling, the crepe itself was thicker then I normally expect, which was good for sopping up egg, but felt a little bit to much for the amount of ham and mozzarella. That said, still enjoyed it. It was a good all around, kinda traditional style crepe. I would definitely eat from their truck again, I find myself more interested in their basic traditional style offerings.

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stuffycheaks said...

did you prefer this over the other crepe truck? I like that they offer wheat option

Leandro said...

I feel like Crepen Around really stepped up the quality/taste and they make it more then just a crepe. Where as Crepes Bonaparte doing more traditional styles is nice in that more familiar way, which is why there basic crepes appeal to me as well. That said, I do find myself craving Crepen Around more.


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